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Couple at the New York State Fair
Couple walking in water under waterfall holding hands in Upstate, NY

When Kristin and John came in to meet with me, we immediately had so much in common (it was almost freaky).  We were instantly bonding over home decor, laughing at pictures of each other’s cats, and sharing stories of our travels.  When I mentioned that Mark and I had it on our bucket list to visit […]

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bride and groom look at each other and hold hands in downtown syracuse

The big day was here and neither Scott, nor Marlee, were the least bit nervous.  I guess that’s expected when you’ve already been together for over ten years!  From the halls of Liverpool High School where they had met… to now on this beautiful summer day in Downtown Syracuse, where they would officially become husband […]

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Wedding Couple walking up the hill to their wedding reception at Fountainebleau Inn

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