Reasons to Book Your Destination Wedding Photographer for the Whole Weekend

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August 4, 2022

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Planning a destination wedding is so exciting- you get to travel somewhere fun while spending several days celebrating your wedding with the people you love! But when you plan a destination wedding, it goes beyond just the day you tie the knot. You will likely have welcome dinners and gatherings, but you will also want an opportunity to just soak in the destination and activities available to you. Of course you celebrate on the big day, and then close out with a send-off celebration! Through all of this excitement, having your destination wedding photographer there with you for the duration has a lot of perks. This guide will highlight the plus-side of having a photographer capture multiple days!

Booking their destination wedding photographer for the entire weekend meant this couple got photos of their pool party!

How Long Should You Book Your Destination Wedding Photographer For?

Planning a destination wedding means combining your wedding day with your honeymoon. You’ll likely get to your destination a few days before the big day and stay to celebrate for a little while after! Most couples have their guests join them a day or two before the wedding to settle in and mingle before the ceremony. After the ceremony guests typically stay for a couple more days to celebrate, before leaving the couple to start their honeymoon alone.

How long you have your destination wedding photographer with you can depend on what you have planned! I recommend hiring your photographer for the wedding weekend–have coverage start a day before the ceremony and end the day after. This doesn’t have to mean you’ll have your photographer there for start-to-finish the entire three days. You might choose a few hours from each day, but have photo coverage for the full wedding day! 

Think about what activities you have planned, how you plan to spend this time with your friends and family, and what you’ll want documented! You may even choose to have your photographer stay longer, documenting parts of your honeymoon adventure.

Booking their destination wedding photographer for the entire weekend meant this couple got photos of their pool party!

Reasons to Book Your Destination Wedding Photographer for the Entire Weekend

Now let’s talk about some reasons that couples hire their destination wedding photographer for their entire wedding weekend!

Booking their destination wedding photographer for the entire weekend meant this couple got photos of their celebratory dinner before the wedding!

You’ll Be Making Memories

Your wedding day is important– there’s no question about that! It is also important to remember that the days leading up to and after your ceremony are special as well.

Destination weddings are unique for all of the different activities they provide you and your guests. Imagine spending your day boating, snorkeling, skiing, hiking, or pool-relaxing with your friends and family! Hanging out with your loved ones and exploring your elopement destination together is half the fun of choosing this type of wedding. Photos of all these moments will be just as special as the photos of your wedding day!

Booking their destination wedding photographer for the entire weekend meant this couple got photos of their pool party!

Your Photos Will Tell the Entire Story

The story of your wedding day includes the entire wedding weekend– what you did leading up to the big day and how you celebrated after is just as much a part of the experience. Not only will having photos to document it allow you to relive those memories, it will also tell a more complete story!

Looking at your wedding photos should put you back in that moment and allow you to experience how you felt all over again. When you look at your photos, you’ll see the entire story unfold in front of you! 

You Can Get to Know Your Destination Elopement Photographer

Another perk of having your destination elopement photographer there for the entire wedding weekend is that you can get to know them! Having your photographer start taking some photos the day before your wedding can help you relax if you’re nervous about being in front of the camera. It will also help your photographer get to know you as a couple so that they’re able to capture your unique style together.

On the wedding day, things will likely be moving faster and you’ll already have a lot to think about! Spending some time taking photos beforehand will help you trust your photographer and feel more comfortable being in front of the camera on the big day.

Your photographer will also get a feel for your personalities, which will help them get the best photos and bring out your authentic selves!

You’ll Be More Relaxed

A big perk of having photos of these moments from your wedding weekend is that they’ll likely be a little more relaxed than the day of your wedding. It’s totally normal for wedding days to be a little hectic – you have a lot to do, and all the planning and anticipation that went into this day can lead to some nerves! The days leading up to your wedding, and the days after the knot is tied, give you an opportunity to relax and have fun, and it’ll be easier to immerse yourself in those moments.

And the truth is that while your wedding day is unique and special, it’s probably not really a reflection of how you look and what you do day to day. The photos from the rest of your wedding weekend will complement the photos from the day itself, showing you in a more relaxed environment, where you’re just focusing on having a good time with the people you love! The photos will be more casual and more candid, painting a picture of how you are day to day.

Ready to Hire a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Booking the right photographer will make a huge difference in your photos, and the experience you have! 

As a destination wedding photographer, I don’t just show up and click the shutter – I want to get to know you, so that I can create photos that make you feel when you look at them! My couples often joke that I double as a wedding planner, and I love helping out with the timeline and making sure your day is stress free, so that you can relax and enjoy yourselves. The day you get married should be a day you love – so I’ll be your extra bridesmaid, your emotional support, and your cheerleader in making sure your entire wedding experience is everything you want it to be!

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