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August 21, 2018

Bridget Bellucci

I think we all know what tomorrow is– the start of the New York State Fair!  As a New Yorker, this means two things.  1) The end of summer, and 2) let’s go people watching + sweat our booties off while forgetting what personal space feels like + eat the most obnoxious new fried food concoction + drink wine slushies
I know that probably doesn’t sound that fun.  But I swear, for some strange reason, it really is.

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie1

Last year, as newlyweds, Marisa + Eric showed me what a day at the fair looks like for them.  They are probably the biggest fair lovers that I know, so I would trust their fair expertise and do all of these things!  I’ll also throw in a few of my personal favs!

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie32.jpg

Stop #1::  Milk Bar
I don’t even like milk but I always make a stop at the milk bar, first and foremost.  Maybe because I remember doing it as a kid?  They have both chocolate and white milk.  And it’ll be the freshest you’ve ever tasted.

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie4
While in the Dairy Building, check out the butter sculpture!  I can’t imagine carving 800 of butter for 80+ hours.  That alone deserves recognition!  But the art and intricacy of each sculpture really is amazing- all 360 degrees!

Stop #2::  FOOD
The buildings and walk ways are packed with all the foods you can think of.  For Marisa + Eric, they chose a blooming onion.  Personally, I always go for the Gianelli’s/Dinosaur BBQ tent.  No matter what you choose, you (almost) can’t go wrong.  If you’re feeling adventurous you can try something thing like alligator meat, or whatever new bacon-topped/deep-fried items they have this year.  Here is a list of favorite foods from last year’s fair.  And a list of new foods you’ll find at this year’s fair (including a deep fried hot-dog chocolate topped creation)

Stop #3::  Exhibits
No matter who you are, there is sure to be an exhibit that interests you.  From visiting animals of all kinds, to live art displays…

or concerts, parades, NYS Troopers repelling off of a building, experiencing cultures with in the different villages, etc.  Just wandering about while you eat, you’re certain to find a thing or two that catches your eye.

We took a break outside of the Horticulture building for a photo opp and some cuteness

Stop #4::  Wine Slushies
As I mentioned before, these are very important.  They’re sweet and refreshing on a hot summer day, and I feel like they’re on every corner!  Not to mention, I credit the alcohol for allowing me to feel better about the crowd of one hundred thousand some-odd people.  TBH this is probably earlier on my list of stops, but we’ll go with it for photo purposes.  So grab those slushies and let’s head down the Midway!

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie33New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie36

Stop #5::  Games and Rides
Yay!  One of my favorite parts about the fair- when else do you have an amusement park in your back yard?  Hop on your favorite rides,  play a game for a pet goldfish (RIP Ginny)…

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie53New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie57
New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie58New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie63
New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie64

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie67
My favorite ride to end the night is always at the top of the ferris wheel, with all the fair lights lit up- it looks so beautiful!

My final stop is always always the Villa for a Pizze Fritte.  The music is always bumping and the frittes are always SO GOOD!

New York State Fair Engagement by Bridget Marie56

What are your favorite things about the fair?  Anything I missed?  Comment below!
And if you want to see Marisa + Eric’s wedding blog- click here! 🙂

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