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January 1, 2018

Bridget Bellucci

What.  A.   Year.  2017 was filled from top to bottom with the most loving couples, unforgettable moments, stunning venues, gorgeous details, and craziest parties.  Read on to hear about all my favorites from 2017!

  1. Jumping for joy with these getting ready moments

Getting ready favorites include: {above} Megan and her daughter, {below} Mackenzie and her bridesmaids, expressing their excitement for each of their big days by jumping on the bed!  But also, Mackenzie getting a McDonalds delivery the morning of her wedding.  Because YES.

2.  Let’s in-VEST-igate this groom’s style

Best Grooms Style Suit Wedding Photographer B.Fotographic1

Eric‘s style was all his own. He skipped the traditional suit/tux and instead opted for a wool vest and hunter green khakis. All tied together with a pocket watch from his bride-to-be.

3. Saying yes to these bride’s dresses:

Speaking of Eric’s bride-to-be… Marisa knocked it out of the park too with her BHLDN dress!

Best Wedding Dress Brides Photographer B.Fotographic1
Another favorite dress from this year was Mallory’s. From the SLEEVES to the layers in the skirt, I was alllll about it.

4. Unbelie-veil-ble:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography Viel Shots B.Fotographic Downtown Armory Square1

Marlee‘s cathedral veil had me wishing that every bride had one.

5. Love this old, borrowed, AND blue

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Old New Borrowed Blue Grandmas Wedding Dress1

Anna wore her grandmother’s wedding dress to her rehearsal and I still can’t get over it.  What a beautiful and special way to honor your loved ones and bring history to your big day.

6. Here comes the bridal portrait:

Best Wedding Bridal Portrait Photographer B.Fotographic1

This portrait of Emma just gives me some serious feels.  So very soft, yet strong, at the very same time.

7.  [Flower] girls just wanna have fun!

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Flower Girls1

I wanted to join in and twirl around the room in a princess dress, too.

8. Ring Bear-er:

Best Wedding Ring Bearer Bear Ideas Photographer B.Fotographic1

Emma and Mike put a spin on the traditional ring bearer- and instead had a ring bear!

9.  Bridesbabes, dressed to the fines:

Bridesmaids Wedding Dresses Anthropology Mountains Utah Photographer B.Fotographic1

I love the skirts with mismatched white tops for Anna‘s bridesmaids.

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Oswego Bridesmaids Brides Dress1

This one reminds me of Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’.  And if you can take your eyes off of Steph‘s train… I love the slate-blue color in the bridesmaid dresses!

Best Bridesmaids Spinning Wedding Photographer B.Fotographic1

Last but not least, how cute are these twirling bridesmaids!

10.  Best Man’s style

Syracuse Sky Armory Wedding Photography by B.Fotographic

Navy blue was definitely the color of the year for groomsmen in 2017.  From tuxes…

MJ John Joseph Inn Wedding B.Fotographic198

to suits, with burgundy accents.

Groomsmen Wedding Suits Nordstrom Mountains Utah Photographer B.Fotographic1

Some even chose navy blue for their football unis.

11. Father shows best:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography Father Daughter Reveal B.Fotographic Downtown Armory Square1
Marlee‘s dad had the best reaction to seeing his daughter all ready to walk down the aisle.

12. First look [what you made me do]

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Oswego First Look Man Crying1

So I’m not a fan of TSwift’s song, but Brandon‘s reaction to first seeing Steph is literally what dreams are made of.

13.  First look alternative

Best Wedding Photographer First Look Alternatives Don't see each other B.Fotographic1

Jeff and Mallory didn’t want to actually see one another before their ceremony, so instead they opted for some hand-holding and a talk to calm their nerves.  (Look for more of this wedding being blogged soon!!!)

14.  Love at first sight:

Best Wedding Photographer Grooms reaction B.Fotographic1

When Jeff finally did see Mal coming down the aisle…. UGHHH my heart

15.  Cere-MONEY

Best Wedding Ceremony Rituals Photographer B.Fotographic1

Marisa + Eric‘s ceremony still has me crying.  A surprise flash-mob style song took my heart.

16.  Arbor flower power:

Best Wedding Photographer Outdoor Ceremony Arbor B.Fotographic1

Arbors have become more popular with the rise in outdoor weddings.  And this one takes the cake.

17. The sweetest love:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Creamy Black and White Adventure1

I know I’ve said it before, but this shot of Elaina + Steve seriously makes me melt.

18. Wild at heart:

Bride and Groom Flower Field Mountains Utah Photographer B.Fotographic1

Jamie + Anna running through the wildflowers, surrounded by towering mountains is why I’m counting down the minutes until I get to go back to Utah.

19.  Over the moon:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Moon Nighttime Adventure1

Brian + Kate ft. the moon.  Can there be a full moon for every wedding???  Plz?

20.  So Syracuse:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Downtown Armory Square2

After Jennifer + Joe said “I Do” we wandered the streets of Syracuse.

21. Location, location, location:

John Joseph Inn in Ithaca, NY  had everything from a beautiful manor, a lush garden, an apple orchard, farm land and animals, (I could go on and on).  There was so much variety and photo opportunities at this venue- it was a photographer’s dream land.

22. Decor galore:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Downtown Sky Armory Square1

Lanterns and flowers dripping from the Sky, and the simple greenery on the table.  Perfection.

23. Introducing:

Best of Syracuse Wedding Photography B.Fotographic Oswego Introduction Ideas1

Although this isn’t the bride and groom, I thought that their originality deserved a spot on the lineup.

24.  First danc-ing with the stars:

First Dance Mountainous Adventure Utah Photographer B.Fotographic1

Loved the emotion in the room during Anna + Jamie‘s first dance- and then the fun song that followed (which I was certain was choreographed).

Best Wedding First Dance Photographer B.Fotographic1

It’s magic when moments like this fall together.  Emma + Mike framed by each of their parents during their first dance.

25.  #HashtagGameStrong

Best Wedding Photographer Wedding Syracuse Ithaca B.Fotographic1

#KissTheCooks for the new Mr. and Mrs. Cook- not only was there a chef hat dance party, but their card box was a cooking pot and Hershey kisses were at the door for guests as they left.


Best Wedding Food Ice Cream Bar Photographer B.Fotographic1

Marisa + Eric had an ice cream truck at their wedding as a refreshing night-time snack.

Best Wedding Photographer Wedding Food Donut Bar B.Fotographic1

Courtney + Brett’s Donut Bar was perfect for the late-fall, a warm and sweet treat with ALL the toppings you could ask for.

27. Just DANCE:

Best Wedding Dancing Party Photographer B.Fotographic1

Marisa + Eric‘s wedding came complete with several dance performances on the loft/stage.

Dance Party Utah Wedding Photographer B.Fotographic1

Jamie + Anna‘s wedding was non-stop dancing, and even continued for (more than a few) encore songs.


So very, VERY thankful to each and every one of my couples that made this year incredible!  I am so happy for you and your love!  I could go on and on about favorite things from each wedding, but I’m all punned out.  SO from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU times a million for your support and friendship and for being you!


  1. Kara says:

    I vote Brandon and Steph!

  2. Shaun says:

    Amazing pictures of all the happy couples.

    I vote Marisa and Eric!

  3. Mark Funk says:

    I vote Marisa and Eric all the way!

  4. Marie says:

    I vote Marisa and Eric!!!!

  5. Julie jung says:

    I vote anna and Jamie but all photos are so beautiful. You are amazing!

  6. Briana says:

    Stephanie and Brandon!!

  7. Shauna says:

    I vote Brandon and Steph !!!

  8. Anna Markosian says:

    Anna and Jamie!!! We love you bridget best photographer out there!!!

  9. Jamie says:

    Jamie and Anna! Best photographs, scenery, venue, weather, wildflowers, and most fun of the summer!

  10. Mary says:

    Jamie and Anna! Loved the pictures in the mountains among the wild flowers

  11. Colleen Q says:

    Marisa and Eric!!!!!

  12. Kathy says:

    Anna and Jamie!! <3

  13. Teresa Truen says:

    Anna and Jamie
    Amazing photos amazing venue.
    Being from Minnesota it was picture perfect!

  14. Michael D. says:

    MARISA & ERIC!!!!

  15. Ryan says:

    Eric & Marisa!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Jennifer says:

    Eric & Marisa!

  17. elisabeth slaga says:

    anna and jamie!! #altaeverafter

  18. Justin says:

    Anna and Jamie

  19. Di Ana says:

    Eric & Marisa!

  20. Anne says:

    Gorgeous photos! Eric & Marisa 😘

  21. Kelly says:

    Brandon and Steph for sure!

  22. Ed says:

    Jamie and Anna.

  23. Mary Coopper says:

    Brandon and Steph!

    Ps such a fun idea, wish you did it for 2016 🙁

  24. Stephanie and Brandon get my vote! Viewed them.all and they all tell a story. Can’t go wrong with any of them! You guys are so talented!!

  25. Sandy Sroka says:

    Marlee and Scott!

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