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Couple at the New York State Fair
couple hugging in a field in the Utah mountains
couple kisses in front of the Chicago bean

What do you get when you combine A LOT of laughs, a bean, Cardi B, and twinkly lights?  This amazing shoot in Chicago with my friends- that’s what!  Okurrrr But really… Carrie and Danny are one of my favorite couples EVER!  They moved away from Syracuse last year to take on the Chi town life […]

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Katie and Eric are planning the sweetest hometown backyard wedding and I CANNOT WAITTT!!!  Katie loves Baldwinsville and no matter what venue they visited, nothing seemed quite right until the idea of having it in her parent’s back yard. When it came to decide the location for their engagement photos, I discovered that Katie is […]

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wedding couple walking through wildflowers with mountains around them

So today I’m sitting here with a huge cup of coffee, and 3 page to-do list, and I just got completely overwhelmed with an idea and thought I NEED to write about this. The importance of a photograph. So obviously, I’m a photographer so I love photos, I love taking them, I love looking at […]

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Couple walking in water under waterfall holding hands in Upstate, NY

When Kristin and John came in to meet with me, we immediately had so much in common (it was almost freaky).  We were instantly bonding over home decor, laughing at pictures of each other’s cats, and sharing stories of our travels.  When I mentioned that Mark and I had it on our bucket list to visit […]

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bride and groom look at each other and hold hands in downtown syracuse

The big day was here and neither Scott, nor Marlee, were the least bit nervous.  I guess that’s expected when you’ve already been together for over ten years!  From the halls of Liverpool High School where they had met… to now on this beautiful summer day in Downtown Syracuse, where they would officially become husband […]

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groom dips bride on bride through trees at Chantelle Marie Lakehouse Wedding

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Nicole is a fellow photographer, so I was very flattered when I received an inquiry to photograph her wedding day.  She was originally from the area, but moved out west to be with her fiancé, Nick. They decided to get married in Auburn, NY at the Chantelle Marie Lakehouse and Celebration Hall.  Being out of […]